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Mississippi Tourism - Attractions, Cities and Destinations

This Mississippi hotels and vacation guide has information on lodging, parks, beaches, wildlife, historic sites, hiking trails, camping sites, airports, arenas, shopping, golf courses and other tourist attractions.

People visit  Mississippi around the holidays, summertime and all year round for business, spring break, romantic weekend getaways, family vacations, extended stays and more.

In Mississippi, there is lots of things to see and do. Journey back in history. Visit an old mansion that was built before the Civil War in Natchez.  Explore Vicksburg where a major civil war battle was fought. Paddle a river on a kayak or canoe. Go hunting or fishing.  Bird watch. Golf. Swim. Surf. Sun at some of the best beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Go to a spa. Enjoy your vacation or weekend getaway in Mississippi.

Visit Natchez MS, located on the Mississippi River. It is 2 hours south of Jackson MS and 3 hours north of New Orleans Louisiana. There are 500 antebellum buildings in the city of Natchez. Natchez Mansions are a big tourist attraction. Paddles boats on the Mississippi River are another big attraction. In the Spring, the city hosts the Confederate Pageant that recreates the Old South featuring local performers in antebellum costumes. If you are a Civil War buff, then this is the place for you.

Mississippi has many historical sites. The first permanent settlement was established by the French in 1699. It was named Fort Maurepas located on Biloxi Bay. The oldest house in Mississippi is called Old Spanish Fort. It was built in 1699 in the area of Ft. Maurepas. Fort Rosalie, now called Natchez, was built in 1716. William Faulkner's home is in Oxford.

Vicksburg is where a major battle in the Civil War took place.  The Union forces were trying to get control of the Mississippi River. The city was under siege for a long time. The Confederates ran out of ammunition so they threw stones at the Union troops.  The Vicksburg National Military Park honors the men who fought here.

You can go horseback riding in Mississippi. There are horse trails throughout the state. A popular equestrian trail is the Shockaloe Horse Trail located in the Bienville National Forest in the Pines Region. Likewise there are lots of hiking trails too.

A vacation in Mississippi has lots of possibilities.